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Financial Services

The shift to mobile banking and digital currencies leaves financial institutions exposed to any number of cyber attacks. The speed at which hackers exploit code and the sheer size of the damage they can do makes it more important than ever to be armed with the latest tools to combat any malicious exploits.

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The world of IoT contains a vast number of different devices and products often running primitive operating systems with little protection. Because everything is interconnected, devices freely exchange data and anything unencrypted will allow easy interception and exploitation. Without a trusted solution to safeguard against attack, it’s impossible to keep ahead of potential vulnerabilities.

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Mobile Apps

Hackers love to target mobile devices. Full of personal and payment data, they are an easy hack because of their heavy use of clear text files. The rush to get apps to market often means developers are pressured into overlooking security which comes with serious implications. It’s vital to have an efficient and accurate method to combat this problem.

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